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We are a full-service residential property management committed to providing complete income and asset protection to rental property owners in the Central San Joaquin Valley. With over 30 years of property management experience, our staff are experts at carefully screening prospective tenants to ensure your property will remain well-maintained, cared for, and occupied with financially-stable tenants that pay their rent on time and act as good neighbors.

We are not a rent-it-and-forget-it company. We take the maintenance of your property very seriously. Providing periodic drive-by and walk-in inspections as well as a 70-checkpoint full inspection every six months, you can rest easy knowing that your asset is being closely watched. Problems are addressed immediately and potentially big-repair bills are addressed while they are still small maintenance items.

With this excellent level of service, you would expect to pay a premium price. But you will find that our fees are amongst the lowest in the area. We achieve this by integrating the efficiency of state-of-the-art technology with old fashioned work ethic and commitment to providing the best service in the industry.

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Venture Property Management's is dedicated to providing our tenants a safe and comfortable place to stay. We don't just screen our tenants. Our owners are also screened to ensure they are willing and able to provide safe and comfortable homes. If they can't or won't, we simply will not work with them. As a policy, Venture Property Management will immediately terminate our relationship with any owner that refuses to maintain a safe and comfortable home. We believe those that do the right thing will always win in the end.


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Property Management Companies near me

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